Luxury Corporate Parties

Why hold your annual shareholder
meeting (AGM) in just any place?
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The best tax-deductible “escape” you’ve ever been to.

Business or Pleasure?

Must it be one or the other?

A cost effective approach to entertainment

In a sense a party is a party, yet through the eyes of the tax man it can be seen as a tax-deductible shareholder’s meeting which is completely within the law. Please verify this with your advisor, and then calculate how efficiently we can organize it compared with all the work it would take you.

How to make it happen:

Private Luxury Party Bus

Flow with the vibe in your own private shin dig aboard a custom designed land yacht known affectionately as Big Bertha.

Private Luxury Pool Party

Just show up. We provide the exclusive posh villa with an insane pool, the party, and all the necessary mojo.

Private Luxury Yacht Party

Party like the gods aboard a privately charted yacht. What could be higher class than this?

Private Room Luxury Party

From wild bachelor and bachelorette parties to high end intimate corporate events, we adapt to your needs.

Party like you

have to smile for a stupid politically correct marketing photo op.

Then shed the fakeness and make it real with an awesome party in Cancun.

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