About PlayerZ

Life has so much to offer including some awesome private parties which have yet to happen. That’s precisely why a few foreigners who found themselves in world-renown Cancun Mexico united their talent to produce the most awesome private parties available on the planet:

Dr. Flow
Local PR

Our History

Mexico, february 2015. A gringo and his Mexican gal decided the classic dinner and movie night out was old. They spontaneously looked for a social event and within an hour were in motion to explore a party for couples. They arrived to find the event in a dingy home on a dirt road and run by a couple doing the best they could to entertain the many who came.

Know what? They had a blast!

Upon leaving she turns and says, “[Dr. Flow], you could throw a party like that only much better.” Accordingly, the following Saturday Dr. Flow had a place rented and was in business building what would become the most epic events in the area. The rest is history.